DigiPro H2O

At water companies and water authorities, thousands of measurements are taken on water quality and quantity. This provides an enormous amount of data, much of which disappears into an archive. The DigiPro H2O creates insight in processes by using this data – saving time and money, too.

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How the DigiPro H2O works

The DigiPro H2O allows Witteveen+Bos to provide insight into processes by:

  • Structuring the data;
  • Validating it using DataProfeet®;
  • Presenting data in graphs, KPIs, and GIS maps;
  • Developing models to predict future situations.

This enables us to work, for example, on:

  • The predictive maintenance of assets;
  • Investigating correlations between effluent concentrations, inflow to an STP, and blower capacity utilisation;
  • Analysing water production stations.
A collage of screenshots from the DigiPro H2O.

Process technicians remain in control

The DigiPro H2O is a tool for digitalising the work within a water company. It makes analysing the many measurement results faster and easier. As a result, technicians have more time for process optimisations and emergencies. This means the DigiPro H2O saves time and money, while process technicians remain in control of the process.

A silver water tap where water flows out.

Why the DigiPro H2O?

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No unutilised data

This digital tool uses all available data, making it very efficient.

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Saves time

Monitoring and optimising processes at waste water treatment and drinking water companies saves a lot of time.

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A self-learning algorithm automates the purification process using strong correlations in the data.

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Want to know more?

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Erwin Visser Team leader and Process Automation Advisor

Erwin is passionate about developing digital solutions to optimise complex processes and make them more sustainable.