Webinar Water Demand Forecasting Tool: visibility into threatening water shortages

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The Water Demand Forecasting Tool is a digital tool that forecasts freshwater demand to surface water up to six weeks ahead, based on expected rainfall and evaporation. The webinar on the tool was hosted by Arie de Niet, senior data scientist at Witteveen+Bos. The webinar took place on Thursday 20 April 2023. It was spoken in Dutch.

The data in the tool comes from, among others, the European weather model ECMWF. The Water Demand Forecasting Tool was developed for Rijkswaterstaat in cooperation with 15 water boards. It is a decision-support tool for the Regional Drought Consultations (RDOs).

Some questions addressed during the webinar:

  • Why was the tool developed?
  • How does the application work?
  • What can you do with it?
  • What models are used?
  • What is the added value according to users?

Besides Arie de Niet (Witteveen+Bos), Geerten Horn (hydrologist, HKV Lijn in Water) and Pieter Filius (user, Waterschap Vechtstromen) spoke.

Watch the webinar back above or go to Vimeo.

Water Demand Forecasting Tool

Fresh water scarcity is a growing problem. This tool makes it easier for water managers to anticipate on supply and demand.

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