Digital Twins

Inspecting and renovating infrastructure is complex and labour-intensive. The Digital Twin helps in planning and preparing renovations virtually. Scenarios and system tests can be carried out without structures needing to be closed, resulting in an optimal and verified design with the least possible risk and reduced maintenance costs. In this way, the Digital Twin can help make a civil engineering structure ready for the future.

Visual representation of a road with cars viewed from the air.

What can a Digital Twin do?

Requirements are recorded, verified and validated before construction begins. Components which appear defective or do not function can be improved.

The intelligent Digital Twin technology can automatically recognise damage patterns. This can be used to improve monitoring, maintenance planning, and deterioration assessments. Predictive maintenance is very important for safety.

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Flexibility and safety

The tool can be used for many different purposes – for example, safety analyses, escape plans, management, or maintenance. The 3D model’s images and animations can also be used for communicative purposes. As the Digital Twin can test systems in a fully virtual environment, the number of hours spent in the field is reduced and the risk of accidents limited.

Visual representation of a road with a tunnel.

Improves communication

The tool’s model brings together – in a single overview – all design drawings, technical (construction) data, real-time information, and systems. Stakeholders can collaborate and communicate optimally using it, taking advantage of the lifelike virtual representation. In this way, the model acts as an information source to which everything can be traced. 

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A screenshot of a bridge. On the right you can see that it is adjustable via the screen.

Why Digital Twins?

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Collaboration and communication

Stakeholders can collaborate and communicate optimally, taking advantage of the lifelike virtual representation.

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Widely deployable

The tool can be used for various purposes, including safety analyses, management, maintenance, and communication.

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The Digital Twin’s intelligent technology automatically recognises damage patterns. Predictive maintenance is very important for safety.

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