VR Noise Barriers

Thanks to VR Noise Barriers, rudimentary depictions and long residents’ meetings are a thing of the past. This tool creates support for the expansion of motorways and the installation of noise barriers. Stakeholders can see and hear the new situation as well as the old.

Applied by Rijkswaterstaat
A motorway with cars and a white noise barrier.

Seeing and hearing

Using VR Noise Barriers, local stakeholders can experience a design in three dimensions. They can also hear the difference between the current and future situations. This allows stakeholders to respond to design proposals in a more substantive way and to be convinced more quickly and more effectively.


VR Noise Barriers creates more support for the installation of noise barriers by allowing the stakeholder, in a realistic manner, to see and hear both the new situation and the old, making it easier to compare the two.

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Why VR Noise Barriers?

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Greater support from local stakeholders

There is less resistance from local stakeholders, which reduces delays and associated cost overruns.

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Innovative leadership

This tool is a smart, innovative way of getting stakeholders involved. Using the tool gives a strong sign of innovative leadership.

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Widely deployable

The 3D model is widely deployable and can be used for a range of environments.

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More information?

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Javier Martínez Avila Product engineer

Javier is involved in the development of real time applications used for simulations and digital twins.