3D Design Tool

Lengthy process lead times and impasses in decision-making processes are a thing of the past, thanks to the 3D Design Tool. This tool helps to more quickly produce a widely supported design for complex design assignments and spatial problems.

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Faster and cheaper

A design can be worked on in an interactive session. During the session, the design can be viewed in a realistic 3D environment. This provides a clear picture of the design and leads to smarter solutions and significantly shorter (otherwise stalled) design and decision-making processes, which saves both time and money.

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Why the 3D Design Tool?

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The 3D Design Tool shortens the decision-making and design processes.

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The 3D Design Tool helps produce a widely supported, realistic design.

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A better understanding of the issues and specific challenges of a project is obtained, making the follow-up steps required easier to identify.

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More information?

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Erik Bosman Unity developer

Erik is a software developer who is specialised in building 3D applications used for visualisations, simulations and digital twins.