PCDitch metamodel

Use the PCDitch metamodel here to immediately estimate the expected water quality.

Algen in water bij muur

PCDitch offers help

At Witteveen+Bos we work with partners to create sustainable water bodies and a safe environment in deltas, coastal and river areas. With rising sea levels, subsidence and changing climate, we face major challenges. This requires smart digital solutions, PCDitch offers help.


Both the PCLake model and the PCDitch model were developed by Jan Janse (Janse, 2005). Both models have been further developed by Witteveen+Bos, STOWA, NIOO-KNAW, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the WUR. PCLake has already been used successfully in several projects.

Image: Van Gerven, Luuk PA, et al. "How regime shifts in connected aquatic ecosystems are affected by the typical downstream increase of water flow." Ecosystems 20 (2017): 733-744.

Een schematische afbeelding van het ecosysteemmodel van PCDitch met daarin de componenten en processen

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Bob has studied water quality, modeling, water management, data analysis and environmental science.